Shakira’s top 10 rules for success :


Shakira’s top 10 rules for success :

1. Be Driven:-

She grew up in Colombia. Colombia is a developing country. Where lots of people don’t have access to most basic needs and where education is considered as the luxury, unfortunately, we all know that education is a birthright and she just grows up frustrating seeing how many people were unable to realize their own dreams. When she was 8 years old her dad went economic crisis, financial crisis, lost his business and they struggled for many years.


They lost everything she remembered vividly her furniture is gone because her dad has to pay his debt. It was quite shocking for her and when she saw that she was so upset her parents did poorly in business why? Her parents take her to the park and showed all the kids Shakira’s age sniffing through, orphans they have no one to watch after them they were barefoot, abundant.


It probably put such an impression on her mind she made herself a promise “Shakira you have to succeed” because she wanted to have her own car, support her parents financially and help those kids who she saw that day in the park. As soon as she gets success from her third album she started to establish her own foundation and do her own contribution to change. Even if it is going to be a small one but she wanted to be active and this is all how it started. The three things she never lacked were care, protection, and education.


2. Keep Going:-

She didn’t know exactly how this going to turn out, can’t predict those things and nothing more scarier than standing front of white canvas, you never know you going to be provide something new to those prospective but in any kind of art discipline the possibilities are endless and that something you only learn the hard way, you might suffer through the process sometime like “I can’t do it” she thinks if you keep rubbing the lamp the genie will appear. This has been her experience you have to keep going until you find the magic or the magic finds you.


3. Focus on Your Strengths:-

Try to show your strength if you have some kind of weakness try not to focus on them. She thinks in entertainment industry that’s what worse “you know your strength you milk it”. “You know your weakness try not to focus on them so much” So, the audience doesn’t focus on them as much.


4. Express Yourself Freely:-

She’s more worried now being true to herself and being honest and maybe 10 years ago she wouldn’t done a video like “She Wolf” but now its something like she feels like doing. So, why deny yourself the possibility of expressing the way you feel. She wants to express the way she feels, she doesn’t want to be in a golden cage anymore. She thinks this life is so brief and we live our lives in so many limitations, obstacles that don’t allow us to grow as we like to. Live your life to the fullest because it’s short.


5. Love what you do:-

She Shouldn’t is this motivated. After so many years she should be calm but she loves what she does. She loves to put herself into challenges and she guesses she’s still hungry.


6. Have Confidence: –

It was because of her mom. She thinks she would never have made it because she realizes that I was talented but not only that She supported her she believed in her And she went ahead and help her inbuilt her own confidence which is a vital tool that you need in order to survive any kind of job.


7. Embrace the Challenges:-

She considers herself a labor in artisan, and she thinks she’s building her career, putting a brick over a brick under the sun, with sweet and hard work. That’s the way she has done it. She hasn’t given up, not one moment. There must be something abnormal about it because it’s been so many years doing this and she still cares about this so much.


She doesn’t think that’s normal but with every project, she feels that she doesn’t accomplish anything and she’s starting from zero, and she cares tremendously. In a way, sometimes that surprises herself. She likes to embrace new challenges and those challenges make her grow and growing is the only way to go the only way to conceive life.


8. Dream Big:-

She thinks we all came to this world with a star, with a talent, and with a gift. Then, later dreams are born and no one has the authority to stop those dreams. When she was 7 years old she came to LA for the first time and she passed by the Walk of Fame with her mother and her mom told her, “Shaki, one day you’re “going to have your name on this place.” So she wants to say to all of us to dream as big as big as you can because everything is possible.


9. Have a Great Team:-

Have a great team who understand you very well, who understand your cause, your commitments and who support you and make your life easier. It is very important to be well surrounded.


10. Be a Conqueror:-

If you could just conquer your own insecurities and conquer other hearts, too, It would demonstrate that your music was powerful enough to transcend so many barriers.

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