Shakira – Dreams of Stardom


Shakira – Dreams of Stardom :

As a young girl, Shakira dreamed of the day when she would perform in front of millions of fans. Every Sunday afternoon not so many years ago a young girl sat on a beach in Colombia and dreamed of stardom. She was dreaming about traveling the world making music for many people including herself.

she was dreaming about becoming someone known around the world. In her city Barranquilla that was a dream no one has ever taken seriously and she knew she had to work hard to conquer her own dreams and to make them tangible and that’s what she done her entire life just work really hard towards those goals.


Today Shakira is a platinum recording artist, great dance, a sensation in Latin America and far beyond. She becomes a pop-star by listening to her inner voice that told her what worked up for her and what didn’t. She needs to feel her music very physical way she has to make sure that it moves her.

That something she was saying to her musicians and people in her band and she was like “that’s not working up her hips, do you see her hips moving, do you see them shaking” it’s not working out So, she puts a little bit energy on to it. She produces her own cd’s because that way it’s really hers.


She likes to be the captain of her own show. She always had that determination she understood that the only way to succeed on that path was taking charge that she is in control. With her success she helped others with foundation she set up back in Colombia.

Her foundation actually builds schools in variable remote places and she provided psychological assistance and nutrition, full nutrition over 3000 kids. Shakira life is a world away from that Colombian beach she used to visit on Sundays.


She was a girl from Barranquilla with dark hair and some extra pounds and a backpack loaded with dreams and it worked up pretty well.

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