Sapna Choudhary Ke Dil Ki Baat | Bhai Or Maa Ke Bare Me Kya Bola 2018


Sapna Choudhary Ke Dil Ki Baat | Bhai Or Maa Ke Bare Me Kya Bola 2018

सपना चौधरी की जुबानी सुनिए, वे अपने भाई और मां के बारे में क्या सोचती हैं।


Well -Known Miss Sapna Chaudhary as An Actor, Dancer and as well as a Singer. Sapna did really work hard in her carrier. In this content, Sapna is talking relating to her carrier and family support and audience support and who is not supporting to miss Sapna Chaudhary.

Sapna is very talented and beautiful artist who is being lead to a modern generation with very competitively. The salutes of her outstanding dance. Whenever Sapna tries to dance or acting, she does not show overconfidence or over smartness.

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This is the biggest thing to maintain this position and keep moving in heart of every people whether young old or child. Not only men like to watch Sapna Chaudhary performance but also child or ladies. Because all know she does genuinely performance with heart.

Sapna saying that her family is very supporting to build her carrier but mainly she said about her brother, he (Sapna brother ) is elder then Sapna Chaudhary. Sapna Chaudhary is his sister. He loves so much to Sapna Chaudhary.

Sapna is saying that he supports as his father as she thinks because Sapna Chaudhary father has been expired so her brother always supports and care of her as a father and friend an elder brother. Sapna is a very cute girl and she is very emotional ladies.

But even then Sapna does not show his emotionalness on the stage or during his acting performance. whenever Sapna sad or think not to do a performance or acting so her brother motivate to her and say to work hard more before then. And Her brother is a very motivated person because he says to her sister that ignore those peoples who do n’t like you but work for those peoples who love you and want to see on your stage or in acting in movie or singing performance.

when media asked a question to her that you think this field is fine or not, she gave a very simple reply of question that there is bad, bad in person. Then further said that if you are good and everything is good but if you are not good as should be in this field.

Girls should be talking about what they think, girls should be talked their parents and get permission because without parents supports you cant get success-  said, Miss Sapna Chaudhary. Should be getting permission for some month and years and try to do their best. If not get succeed on their platform and should be listening of their parents.

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