Sapna Chaudhary Yaar Tera Chetak Par Chale Video Song


Yaar Tera Chetak Par Chale Song :

The most talented sexy and gorgeous Sapna Chaudhary hit the dance floor on most popular song by Sapna Chaudhary Yaar Tera Chetak Par Chale Video Song.


Sapna danced on this song is very awesome. A smile of sapna chaudhary is looking very sexy. As we know when  Sapna Chaudhary dance crowd always comes for her because she is a queen of dance mainly as on Haryanvi Song. She looks very fit on Haryanvi song.


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but sapna chaudhary enter in Bollywood. The background of this song is full of a crowd. Male Female all are in a place where Sapna is dancing. In this song when Sapna is dancing her hair is open, open hair is making to her a  gorgeous girl and sexy. As we know she always lives simple but looks very pretty……


Mainly this song belongs to poor family boys and high-level thinking girl.

The word of this song yaar tera chetak par chale tenu chaska red Ferrari ka most frequent and awesome word. Danced on this song held in Gurgaon Haryana. This song is dedicated for all lovers.


****************************Lyrics of this song:**************************************

*-*-Tera mera mel  mile na to, kya  faydaa  is yaari ka,*-*-*–*
Tera mera mel mile na to kya fayda isi yaari ka
Yaar Tera Chetak Pe Chaale tane Chaska  Red Farari  Kaa
Yaar Tera Chetak Pe Chaale  tane Chaska Red Farari Kaa
**Yaar Tera Chetak Pe Chaale tane Chaska Red Farari Kaa*-*-


Tera shoping roz bazar bata, kite pay krwave zamidar
**Honda aabe tera risky pyaar, Maange tu mehngi mehngi car
Na krja kreya mane kamna izatdari ka
Ya—ar tera che***tak Pe Chaale, tane  Chaska Red Farari Kaa.+.+

Ha bapu gel aa yaren ne, Khetan me kari kamai
Nashe pate tn dur raya, Na mehfil kade jamai****
Esi heer life me tu aai,
Tera sapna uch udari ka,
Yaar Tera Chetak Pe Chaale,
tn Chaska Red Farari Kaa

ja teri meri bane mhi ,
kyu khamekha faswave ,
Aaksh jangda bapu ke pagdi ta daag lgwave
Bahu liyaun kisi kr kyal mera bithren me numbrdari ka
Yaar Tera Chetak Pe Chaale
tane Chaska Red Farari Kaa


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