Penile Implants and your love life

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Are you thinking about having a Penile Implant?

If so there are a few things to know that may help you decide to or not to have this surgery.

For men the idea of not being able to have an erection is devastating. For most men the thought of not being able to please their partner in the bedroom is one of the worst things that can happen, ever!

Today their are many options to choose from. There are pills like Cialis or Viagra that can be taken in order to allow a man to have an erection. Depending on the dosage taken will allow a man to have an erection that can last for many hours.


Another options for men, hydraulic Penile Implant surgery in India.

This inflatable prosthesis allows a man to choose when he will have an erection, This surgery requires two cylinders, one that sends the fluid into the penis and one that allows the fluid to be released from the penis, be placed surgically into the body. This is implanted under the groin muscles and there is also a pump that sits under the loose skin of the scrotal sac in between the testicles as well. Once the implant is inserted a man will not be able to have a natural erection. He will only be able to obtain an erection by pressing the pump. If the implant is removed a natural erection is not likely.

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If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction don’t give up hope because there are options.

If you decide to choose one of the options available like one of the tablets or the surgery, make sure you do your research to determine which option is the best option for you.

Hopefully, once you decide you and your partner will be able to get your love life back on track.

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