know what Shakira eats before sleeping


know what Shakira eats before sleeping :

The Colombian singer Shakira is very serious towards her diet. She wants to maintain her body and show her strongest self to the audience. The most common dish she used to eat before going to bed is “Protein Pancakes” They are high in fiber and high in protein as well.

Colombian singer Shakira performs during the 2014 Echo Music Awards in Berlin

you mix three things together and it takes five minutes to get ready. Then you take a Ziploc bag and put the mixture in it and keep them in the freezer or fridge. Her special recipe is “1.5 tablespoon of Greek Yogurt plus oat bran, one whole egg, and a packet of stevia,


if you want to make it more sweeter.” because Shakira has a busy schedule and likes to rehearse and record late at night in the sleeping hours her personal trainer “Kaiser” said it is very important to eat small meals throughout the day to make your body working…. It bumps your metabolism and it is very easy to digest as well.


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