El Dorado World Tour : Backstage commentary after last night show

Shakira Poses For A Photo Session

El Dorado World Tour: Backstage commentary after last night show

In Shakira’s latest news for June, we have a backstage chit-chat we like to tell you about! In Shakira’s news now we are going to tell you the proper wordings which she said to her crew members and others as well.


Let’s get to Shakira’s news after the concert she was like hugging and kissing everyone of her crew and others as well and  telling how much fun she had on stage but she was little worried too for her hair sticking out or something in the end but when she looked on the screens…but no! Nothing got wrong.

She asked everyone do you like it and everyone loved it. Before leaving she thanked her crew and said you are the best crew in the world and when she took off her dress in the concert audience were shocked and shouting.


yes, man, the concert was a hell of the deal. Now let’s talk about Shakira and Pique news but we don’t have much of it now so we get to it later. That is all for Shakira’s news today now if you want to know more about Shakira news or Pique and Shakira latest news don’t forget to visit our website daily.

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